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中村 一幸

My name is Kazuyuki Nakamura, representative of Mesolve Inc.
Thank you for visiting our website.
We are a medical equipment sales and trading company that was newly established in December 2021.

We have established our company with the aim of achieving sustainable economic activities for hospitals and companies involved in the medical field.
We will continue to provide the best choice and new value to our customers.
We will strive to be a company that plays a leading role in the future of healthcare.

We look forward to your continued support.

CEOKazuyuki Nakamura

Copmany Profile

Company Name
Mesolve Inc.
Kazuyuki Nakamura
2021.12.01 (settlement month: November)
48, Takeda Kitamitsugi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Capital stock
10 million yen
  • 1. Sales, lease, repair and import/export of medical equipment, medical machines and instruments
  • 2. Sales of physical and chemical instruments
  • 3. Consulting on marketing of medical equipment
  • 4. All business incidental and related to each of the preceding items
Sales Permit for Highly Controlled Medical Devices


Market Research

Market Research

Various market research on medical devices

  • Seeds type: Research on the Japanese market commissioned by overseas companies

    For companies seeking to enter the Japanese market, we will solve the problem of difficult access to the medical field and provide data that can be used to make decisions.
  • Needs type: Gathering requests from suppliers and commercializing them

    We will collect product information that will lead to improved profitability from distributors who are engaged in activities that support the medical field on a daily basis, and we will search for and consider suppliers.
Trade Practices

Trade Practices

One-stop service for transportation, customs clearance, and inventory management

  • We set up the optimal means of transportation and provide cost advantages.

  • We maintain close contact with our business partners to ensure smooth customs clearance.

  • We ensure a stable supply of products by managing inventories with a sufficient margin.

import sales

import sales

We build a network with medical device distributors and supply products that will improve their profits.

Mezolve was founded to connect the future of the medical device industry.
However, as an importer and distributor, we started our business without any business with medical device distributors. Building a sales network itself is a new challenge for us, and we would very much appreciate your patronage.


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